If you're in the mood to see some fine twerking action from a beautiful backside, look no further than Bella Starr's GIFs.

Bella Starr is a Latin model who's known for her incredible twerking moves, which were showcased on World Star Hip-Hop. As one would expect from that kind of exposure, Bella blew up and men everywhere have been enjoying the sight of her popping her posterior up and down, back and forth and side to side a number of ways. Whether you catch her in photos, videos, GIFs or whatever else, there's no denying that Bella Starr's body and her skills have a drawing power that can keep men transfixed.

Check her out in the GIFs below and try not to stare too much, because we're sure you have to be at least somewhat productive throughout the day. Become a fan of hers on Twitter and keep up with her moves in the industry.