Most folk are familiar with the multi-talented and beautiful Cassie Ventura. Now let's get familiar with her hottest GIFs.

Cassie has been a staple of the entertainment industry since the early Aughts. She's done everything from record music, dance, act and even model. With her bevy of talents and her natural good looks, is it any wonder why she's such a big figure in the business. She's always been a trendsetter and often rocks edgier looks, like when she shaved part of her head in 2009. Since then, we've seen plenty of women adopt the same look, which is something we can really dig.

We've rounded up a few of her hottest GIFs, with most of them stemming from the time when she shaved her head. It's a sexy look that's made even sexier within the context of her photo shoots. Check out the GIFs and then follow her on social media by hitting up her Instagram and Twitter.