Your eyes will be mesmerized once you set your sights on Charm Killings in motion, all thanks to these GIFs.

Her name couldn't be any more appropriate, because she's so charming and her looks are so incredible that our hearts are probably going to explode, killing us dead. This gorgeous model is of Portuguese, Black and German descent, making for a truly incredible mix and giving her some unique assets. She may be a petite girl at 5'3", but she's rocking 34D-23-39 measurements that are enough to get any man's eyes flying out of their sockets.

Because of her charms and immeasurably good looks, she's been featured in magazines like Show and Low Rider, as well as the music video for "Could It Be You" by H*Wood. We can't wait to see her incredible body and gorgeous face across other mediums in the future. Become a fan of hers on Instagram and Twitter for more.