Let's pull off some 1, 2 steps and check out some of Ciara's hottest GIFs here, collected for your viewing pleasure. These are some goodies indeed.

We hardly have to introduce you to Ciara, one of the finest women to ever hit the scene as a singer, actress, dancer and more. But here she is in all of her glory in these tantalizing GIFs. She's certainly got the moves and the looks to keep us transfixed, which is why we enjoy watching her music videos and even her appearances in films like All You've Got, Mama, I Want to Sing! and That's My Boy!

The fact of the matter is that we can't get enough of this talented, Grammy Award-winning beauty and we're giving you just a few reasons why we can't. Check out the gallery of GIFs below and then show her some of your love and adoration by following her on Instagram and Twitter.