Give your eyes the gift of Colombian model Daniela Osorio in GIF form. Here's one girl you're going to love seeing walk away.

If you're a fan of backsides like us, then this Colombian cutie has just what you need. As a model, she often finds herself on catwalks and runways. And what else is there for a gorgeous young model like her to do on such platforms other than strut her stuff while wearing thongs and bikinis? While we love seeing her come towards us, the real treat is when she dances around and then walks away, letting gravity give us a show while her softer parts bounce up and down, allowing us a great view of poetry in motion in the process.

In the GIFs below, you'll be able to see Daniela do what she does best and dance around on stage in very little clothing. Become a fan of hers by following her on Instagram and Twitter for more.