Prepare your eyes for the sight of Dannie Riel in some of her hottest GIFs.

Miss Riel is a model of French and Chinese ancestry and we're big fans of seeing her at work. As a model, she's had her hand in a lot of projects just as photo shoots, fashion shows, appearing at clubs, playing host at clubs and auto shows. Of course, she's not tied down to just those kinds of appearances and projects, so rest easy knowing that you're able to see her work across many different mediums and outlets.

Down below, we've got a collection of some of her hottest GIFs. Her cute and bubbly appearance is just the veneer for the temptress inside, because she's able to seduce us with just a furtive glance. We've got to admit that we'd be putty in her hands. Check her out down below and then follow her on Instagram and Twitter to see more of Dannie Riel in action.