Hot import model Debbie Sath isn't your typical hot girl who poses with cars. Check out what makes this girl special in her hottest GIFs.

Debbie Sath is a model of Cambodian descent who actually comes from the land down under, Australia. And yes, in case you were wondering, she does have an accent. Even though she was born and raised in Australia, she's spent a lot of time jetting to California and working as a model.

She's had a wide range of experience from appearing in magazines to websites and even doing promotional work and car shows. If nothing else, this just proves that she's a hard worker, chases after her passions and is treating the world to her beauty as she does so.

You can check out a sampling of some of her hottest GIFs in the gallery below. She looks amazing as she struts her stuff in hardly any clothing and we find ourselves stunned while looking at her. Become a fan of hers on Instagram and Twitter to see more.