It's time to take a look at the sexy Iesha Marie and a small collection of her hottest GIFs.

She kind of looks like the Puerto Rican/Cuban American version of actress Rose Byrne with the hotness factor turned all the way up, but believe us when we say Iesha Marie is one of the sexiest, most beautiful girls around. She's 5'5" and rocks measurements of 34-26-35, giving you every reason to stop and stare whenever you see her.

She was born in the Garden State, starting life in Vineland, New Jersey before heading to Miami, Florida, and we're sure the Northeast misses her. But the move turned out pretty well, considering she's a big model now and is an avid beach-goer.

Check out her gallery of hot GIFs below and follow her on Twitter to keep up-to-date on her industry moves and what she's up to. Just try not to fall too hard in love with her.