Having a bit of visual stimulus is important for boosting one's mood throughout the day. No one will do it better for you than Janet Lissette today.

If there's only one thing we can thank Puerto Rico for, it would probably be for gifting us with the beauty known as Janet Lissette. She's model material through and through, given that she's 5'6" with measurements of 32-28-38. This is one attractive woman who can sending our spirits soaring during a particularly tough day at work.

In the set of GIFs below, we're treated to the images of her walking around in barely-there lingerie that accentuate her lithe figure and delicate curves. This outfit leaves just enough for the imagination to fill in the blanks, or otherwise picture blanks taking the place of what lingerie we do see. Either way, it's a feast for the eyes, and even though we wouldn't want to see her leaving us, we can't help but be mesmerized by her walking away.

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