Let's take a look at what Jessenia Vice is cooking up in this set of hot GIFs that showcase her ability to stir things up and get things heated.

With a figure this amazing, it's no surprise that she was named "Miss Apple Bottom 2011" by Nelly and the Apple Bottom Co. Miss Jessenia Vice is a New Jersey native who shows us that they grow them pretty well in the Garden State. She got her taste of the modeling life when she was discovered at the age of 17 on MySpace, and was approached by Rosa Acosta's manager, Charles Gardner. Although she didn't jump on the chance to launch her modeling career then, she'd end up gracing the cover of O.Y.E. Magazine.

In the gallery below, we've got a small sampling of her incredible body and the way she can get us excited with just a few, simple motions. And yes, we have to agree with the fact that she became "Miss Apple Bottom 2011" because the title definitely fits.