It's time to give your eyes the treat in the form of Keri Hilson and some of her hottest GIFs. Come see what makes this Georgia peach so delectable.

Music has been her life from an early age and most of us can appreciate her in some form or another, whether it's as a singer, a lyricist, an actress or even as a producer. She's worked with big acts like Britney Spear and Mary J. Blige and is a veritable superstar herself, releasing the type of music that's easy to listen to and sets a certain kind of mood. Besides her career in the music industry, she's also tried her hand at acting in front of the camera, having appeared in the movie Think Like a Man.

We're big fans of Keri Hilson, so it's especially enjoyable to see her show off her moves in the GIFs below. Become a fan of hers on Instagram and Twitter for more.