Let's take a look at the incredibly curvy Miracle Watts and some of her hottest GIFs. Because who doesn't like to see beauty in motion?

We just can't help but be drawn to the amazing Miracle Watts, the model with a body so fine that it's probably capable of making grown men cry. She's a mix of Black and Brazilian, which might be the reason for her more exotic looks and her eye-popping figure. Wherever she goes, you can bet that eyes will surely follow.

Not only is Miracle Watts and absolute stunner, but she's also a business-minded woman who runs her own online store called The Miracle Lash, which specializes in selling eyelashes to the beauty-conscious ladies of the world. You have to appreciate a beautiful woman who knows how to make her dreams come true. You can check out a sampling of how amazing she looks in motion, courtesy of the GIFs below. Check her out on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated on her moves in the industry.