Here's a woman who doesn't need an introduction. Let's take a look at a few hot GIFs featuring Mya.

You can't talk about the early Aughts without also talking about Mya Harrison, the hip-hop and R&B singer who captured our hearts and attention when she burst onto the scene in early 1998. For the next few years, she'd go on to produce albums that would go platinum plus and collaborate with popular artists to create groundbreaking music.

Most famously, she hooked up with Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim and Pink to record a cover of "Lady Marmalade" for the film Moulin Rouge! We still have images of her as a lady of the Montmartre section of Paris in our minds. You will, too, once you see her in action in these GIFs below. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter to see what she's up to these days and to see more pictures.