There's no denying that Mia Khalifa is one of the most exciting, well-endowed young women to hit the adult entertainment industry. So here's a look at her in some SFW action.

She is PornHub's number one searched-for actress and she's become one of the leading women in the business. You'd be hard-pressed to find many people, especially hot-blooded males, who could resist the charms of a girl like Mia Khalifa, especially with her 34DD-26-40 measurements.

Down below is a humble assortment of the Lebanese adult film actress in some rather safe-for-work GIFs. Believe us when we say that these kinds of SFW GIFs are very rare, given Mia's occupation. But a simple Google search would yield a whole lot of very NSFW GIFs, so be warned if you're just now jumping on the Mia Khalifa bandwagon and are looking to do some research.

Check out the GIFs below and be sure to follow her on her mostly-SFW Instagram and Twitter accounts.