Over the years, XXL has uploaded a collection of Eye Candy videos meant to give our eyes something to look at in the quiet moments in the day. These videos feature women who could be counted among the sexiest in the world in photo shoots, behind the scenes scenarios and even skits that show off their acting talents. We've found the very best Eye Candy videos and have rounded them up here for your viewing pleasure.

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    Wild 'N Out Girls

    The girls from Nick Cannon's show, Wild 'N Out, are out to play in this video. What's better than seeing one hot girl dancing around, looking sexy? Three girls doing just that, of course.

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    Kara Allison

    We're not sure it's a good idea to have Kara Allison in the middle of a boxing gym, because she's sure to be a distracted. She doesn't even have to glove up to knock us out.

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    Ayisha Diaz

    Ayisha Diaz is a fine sight in lingerie, dancing around the set while the camera flashes all around her. We love just how much she gets into the shoot.

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    Cyn Santana

    There's just something about Cyn Santana gyrating her way through the photoshoot that has a hypnotizing effect on us. There's just no denying that she's one of the finest women around.

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    Rosa Acosta

    Not only does Rosa Acosta wear a variety of hot outfits in this Eye Candy shoot, but she's also celebrating the 15th anniversary of XXL Magazine. She's the top Eye Candy of all time and there's no surprise why.