Let's take a moment to thank the universe for gifting us with an amazingly sexy and talented woman like Zoe Saldana.

This New Jersey native is an actress and dancer whose every move positively exudes sex appeal and entrances us. Her filmography includes roles in popular science-fiction and fantasy movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek, Star Trek: Into Darkness and, of course, perhaps her most famous starring roles in Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy as Neytiri and Gamora, respectively. Not only does she kick everyone's butt in these movies, but she also drips with charisma whenever she's on screen. There's just a truly seductive air around her that we can't get enough of, so it's a joy to see her appear in any film, ad or even a gallery of GIFs, like the one below.

Treat yourself to these fine GIFs and marvel at just how incredibly sexy a woman can be.