We're not going to fall out of love with the incredible Carol Seleme any time soon, so we might as well appreciate more of her hot GIFs.

There's just something so alluring about this petite Brazilian bombshell and we can't quite put our fingers on on what it is. It could be the way she just seems to be dripping with sensuality or the fact that all of her GIFs are perhaps needlessly sexy. Or it could be the fact that all of her different looks seem to just work for her and get use smitten all over again. For example, she looks like an absolute siren with her long hair, capable of bringing ships to their doom if she stayed out on a rock in the middle of the sea. But then she takes on this vibrancy and joyful demeanor with her short hair, making us imagine what a hot summer night in her company would be like.

Whew. Anyway, check out the small gallery of GIFs below and be sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter to see even more of her hot pictures.