There's no denying Cyn Santana's drawing power as a celebrity. We can't stop staring, so we've taken another look at her hottest GIFs.

The beauty from Love & Hip Hop can be counted among the most beautiful women in the world in our eyes. Nothing exemplifies this more than the sampling of GIFs we've provided below. It's like Cyn knows exactly how to move to get us transfixed on her presence. Even if she wasn't a veritable sexpot, we'd still be in love with her due to her charisma and wit, along with her philanthropic ways. Not only is she downright gorgeous, but she cares about others in a big, bad way, especially when it comes to suicide prevention.

Check out the GIFs below and try not to lose your mind as you look over Cyn's supple form, gyrating around. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter for more.