Feast your eyes on even more of the lovely Dolly Castro and her incredible curves.

We could make the joke that Nicaraguan bombshell Dolly Castro is just the type of dolly you'd catch us playing with, but we're sure you already made that joke in your head. And we're sure your mind is also probably inundated with thoughts of Dolly now that you've seen her in action again in this humble set of increasingly-sexy GIFs.

As a denizen of Miami, we expect to see her in a bikini just about every day at any hour of the day, so we're glad that she doesn't disappoint and adds to the aesthetics of Magic City's sandy beaches.

Check out the small gallery below and take in the sight of Dolly Castro in motion, showing off every facet of her awe-inspiring curves. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter to see more of her.