We're going to just get this out of the way really quick and just let you know that no, we are never going to get enough of Melanie Iglesias.

We've rounded up even more of the Hometown Hottie's sexiest GIFs, because they are just begging to be seen. And even though she's a veritable sex symbol and is capable of making men go weak at the knees and turning them into stammering idiots, the thing we find the most interesting about Melanie Iglesias is how she still maintains a sense of cuteness. It's one thing to be sexy, but a whole different thing to simultaneously give off this innocent, girl-next-door vibe as well. We're digging it.

Check out the short gallery of incredibly enticing GIFs below and head to her Instagram and Twitter to see even more and to be kept up-to-date on what she's doing in the entertainment industry.