Here's a treat to get you through the beginning of the week. Let your eyes take in even more of Milla Jasmine's hottest GIFs.

This globe-hopping beauty comes to us from the City of Lights, otherwise known as Paris, France, and now resides in the hot, hot city of Miami. She's got Black, Chinese and Lebanese in her blood and has a very bombastic body with the ability to ooze a nearly fatal amount of sensuality. Honestly, we just don't know how someone can be that incredibly sexy without it hurting someone.

Do yourself the biggest of favors and check out her GIFs below. You can bet they're NSFW, but it wouldn't be any fun if they were safe, right? If you'd like to see more of her or if you just want to keep up with her moves, you can follow her on Twitter for more of her amazing pictures.