by Russ Bengtson

On the surface, the idea is crazy. Shoes with a suggested retail price of $1,017 a pair. Seriously. Makes one think of the exchange between Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans in The Last Boy Scout when Willis's grizzled detective finds out that Wayans's disgraced pro quarterback paid $600 for a pair of leather pants. He's dumbfounded. "$600. They're pants. They don't have a TV in 'em or anything?"

These shoes, the adidas Team Signature KG Commander (from hereon in, the TSKGC) don't have TVs in them. They're not made of solid gold, or hand-stitched by the finest old-world artisans. Kevin Garnett will not personally deliver them to your house. What they are is limited. Really limited. At most, there will be 57 pairs made available to the general public. The details, as provided by adidas, are as follows:

• Designed to commemorate the Celtics' historic 17th run.
• KG will wear a pair in every game of the Finals.
• ***Value - $1017 - Symbolic of 17th NBA Championship. [Danger! Presumptious! —Ed.]
• All profits will go to NBA Cares community partners in the Boston area.
• adidas will produce only eight pairs per game to hit retail.
• Games 1-7 are embroidered in white on lateral side.
• Championship Trophy and KG profile on medial side.
• The specific game number will be called out in green (see next photo).
• One special pair of shoes autographed by KG will be auctioned off on after The Finals.

They'll be available at, the TD Banknorth Garden Pro Shop and the NBA Store in New York City. Not sure how many pairs will be available at each location, but safe to say it won't be many. And hey, a full seven-game set will only set you back $7,119!

If you want to wait, the TSKGC (without The Finals branding) will drop in October of '08. Retail will be much lower—but there'll be a heck of a lot more of them.