We tried to get cherries for this shoot considering this is our first time, but strawberries are just as good. Do you partake in eating healthy during your extracurricular activities?
Who does fruits in bed, really? That's so cliché. People don't really use fruits in bed. If they're gonna do something nasty, they're gonna do the nasty—they don't have time to eat fruits and shit. You're gonna have a fruit salad?

How about a tossed fruit salad?
[Laughs] Get away from me. No comment about that tossed salad shit [laughs]. If you have fruits in bed, you're gonna have roaches in my bed after—you gonna clean my sheets?

Negative. What other clichés get you vexed?
Running bath water with rose petals. That's so tacky. You can't come up with something creative? I run my own bath water, Goddamnit. I'm not a sex kitten. I portray one on TV, but that's acting. The realness is I'm a goofball.

So you crack jokes in bed?
If it ain't the right size, I'll laugh.

How tall do you have to be to take that ride?
Put it this way, if you see me giggling and laughing, you ain't tall enough to get on the ride [laughs].

Well, that's a good thing to know because—
Oh, video cameras are also cliché . . . thanks to Paris Hilton.

It's all coming back to you, huh? But where else would you find a sex vid where a girl is conducting business on the phone while getting drilled?
Then maybe he was wack. It's an important call—checks are coming in [laughs]. Shit, I'd pick up a call if a check was coming in. I know that dude was feeling so stupid.

Enough about Paris. If all these clichés don't float your boat, what does?
I don't know; I'm not the romantic type.

Get out! So are you the hit-it-and-split-it type of girl?
I'm not talking about my sex life.

Hey, you knew what you were getting into before you signed up. Don't be shy.
I'm not saying nothing on that.

Then I'll take it as a yes.
[Laughs] No.

Then it's a no?
It's a no. I won't answer the question [laughs].

What a tease . . .