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On the Flavor of Love 2 finale, you were bragging about your baby's daddy riches to New York, and the good word is that he's a has-been NBA baller Derrick Coleman. Any truth to that?

I wouldn't even be able to pick Derrick Coleman out of a lineup.

Okay, well whoever this mystery man is, what were his thoughts about his baby's momma being on the show?

I didn't talk about it prior to going on the show, I'm sure that he would not have agreed to it, but at the same time, he doesn't control any decisions concerning me.

Then why not tell him?

We're just not like that and I just don't allow that. If you're not in a position to do that, you're not in that position.

When did you spill the beans?

When I returned to the show, I did tell him. I said, ‘Well you know, I was a part of a television series, it's going to air soon. It's probably going to change your life as you know it right now, just for a little bit.'

The words "change your life” coming from a woman are rarely ones a man wants to hear.
He was like, "Was it the Flavor of Love?" And I'm like, ‘Ummm, yeah.' And I think my daughter told on me, because you know I had to sit down and have a conversation with her. If anyone has to be clear on what it is I'm doing, it's my baby.

Well, what's your daughter think of her mommy's new "courtship”?

She thinks he's funny. Like any other guy, I don't deeply involve her, until I deeply involve myself and because I've put myself out there and I was on television, that was deep enough for her to at least meet him.

Is she a fan of the show?

We have to moderate her viewing.

But she is a fan of Flavor Flav!?

She wanted to meet him. She thinks he's funny. She's seven years old and she sees this guy with a clock and all these different colors on him all the time and he's always, "Yeah boy!” So that's entertaining to her. I don't know how serious she would take him and I as a couple, but she definitely likes him as a person.

And what about your parents? Do they like their potential future son-in-law?

They do. They really do. Those two are great people. By the way, my dad would never order pigeon milk. It was this thing where he was telling us this joke, editing is so crazy, but he's such a good guy that he laughed at it. He thought it was entertaining and he's contacted his lawyer so he could patent pigeon milk. [And I'm] like, ‘Okay, you're gonna embarrass me more.'

Speaking of embarrassing, what's your relationship with New York like?

I don't care for her. She doesn't offend me until she approaches me. I can sit here and watch her all day long because she's mad entertaining, but I wouldn't call her up on the phone and say, ‘Hey, let's go out and get something to eat.' No, hmm mm.

Anyone else who better not cross your path on Detroit's east side?

I didn't hate anyone there. I appreciated everybody's personality. It made living in that household interesting and I can appreciate everything that everyone brought to the table. Now did people get on my nerves? Yes, they did, and it would have to be New York and Krazy. Everybody else they respected me so I respected them.

Anyone you're still cool with?

I'm very close to Buckeeye. Her and I talk three to four times a week. We used to talk three or four times a day. Also Nibblz and Buckwild. And as a matter of fact, all of them came to see me for a weekend, for a four-day weekend. We had a great time. So we built some honest, good relationships out of the household.

But the most important relationship is the one you have with Flav? Any possibility to seeing a sequel of Strange Love with you and your boy?

That wouldn't be so bad. I would enjoy that. But I wouldn't go in a household again with nineteen other women and say, ‘Hey, I want to get with that dude.' Naw.

Well the reverse is happening for New York. What do you think of her doing a similar show?

Good luck.

For who, the guys?


That's what we say. Would you ever go on her show?

That would be fun. I wouldn't even mind going on [her show].

Tomorrow, part III of our interview with Deelishis. Does Flav really turn her on? What's up with those modeling pictures everyone's talking about? What other reality show did she try out for? And, straight up and down, is Flav really hitting that?