deelishis.jpgIn case you missed it...Part 1 and Part 2 

So what happened after the credits on the season finale rolled?

We had one day in Belize and after that, for four months continuously, we had to be separated.

Damn, four months? Where did you go? Iraq?

The good thing about it was, [the producers] were truly right. They told Flav and I,  "If y'all are really going to be a couple and you two are really going to be for real, this is a good test.”

But that's not a test anyone wants to take when you barely got any alone time together in the first place.

We talked four times a day, I guess the first four weeks, and then of course he started touring with Public Enemy and promoting his new album, which drops October 31. Then he was pretty busy, and promos started taking place where I did the KING Magazine shoot, I started doing radio…

So how does Flavor get Deelishis on the road?

Umm, telephone of course. But I wrote letters and I sent pictures.

What kind of pictures?

Eh, well, you know…

Say no more. Speaking of pictures. Lately there have been a lot of your old professional pictures surfacing on the Internet. And before you went on Flavor of Love it looked like you were aiming for a career in modeling.

I wouldn't say that I model. Have you really seen my ass?

Umm, is that a trick question? We here at KING promote models with your vitals all the time.

I wouldn't even consider it modeling. It's basically a pictorial session. I never signed a contract.

Did you get anything for taking those pictures?

I don't get a check like Iman or Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks. I don't see myself as a model. Sometimes we use that term way too loosely, like, "Hey I'm a model.” No it doesn't work that way. I would say that I've had some pictorial sessions where I thought that would be possible but with time, with growth and maturity, I learned that's not what I was. That's not really who I want to be.

Okay, well if you don't want to be a model, what about a singer like your girl Krazy? There was an outtake many people don't know about where you sounded like Aretha.

I did not necessarily want to expose my talent, so I didn't expose it until Flav requested it, and once he requested it, at that point I gotta give you what I got.

Watch Deelishis Sing For Flav

Did the producers put you up to it?

Krazy exposed me. Krazy told Flav at that dinner table, "Yeah, Deelishis hums around the house in the bathroom and stuff, she knows how to sing.” But because she didn't necessarily hear me sing before, she didn't fear what was about to happen to her.

You sure she didn't want to make you look good? Could've been a game to show you actually were there for something other than Flav.

I let [the producers] know in the beginning that before they dig up some information, that I sang in a choir, that I'm from a background in singing, and that I am a competitor on this show who knows how to sing. I would've just gone on American Idol I don't need to go on the Flavor of Love to show how much talent I have.

So if Flav asked you to jump on one of his remixes, you would say no? You never had dreams of being a singer?

Oh no, I went to American Idol maybe around four years prior to going on the Flavor of Love. In their second season, I did do it, so I know where to put my talents.

I bet Randy, Paula, and Simon are shooting themselves in the foot now. So what about Flav gets you all hot and bothered?

Umm, well we don't go into the hot and bothered a whole lot. Kissing him was good.

No offense to Flav, but to most people, what you just said has made them throw up.

You guys didn't get to see it a whole lot, but Flav and I were like crazy behind the scenes.

How crazy? Back in the October issue we asked you "Did Flav get a chance to sample that voluptuous fruit? And you said, "A real lady never tells.” But now that the show is over, and we all know whom he has picked, can you…

No, he has not sampled my fruits. We are courting. If he ever becomes my man, he can.

Well, obviously it paid off for you to keep the passion fruit on lock.

In the end, it did, and I feel something so much deeper than him just picking me.