deelishis.jpgEven the most avid Flavor of Love 2 fan didn't know who Flav was going to pick in last Sunday's season finale. Would it be the wild card, New York? Or, would it be the Detroit tigress, Deelishis? In the end, your boy Flav chose the mound over the mouth and Deelishis got her clock.

Now in the days leading up to the highly anticipated reunion show, talks with Deelishis, who was actually one of the six Flavor of Love 2 girls gracing our cover. "Flav assumed I was that deal," said the 28-year-old former State Farm Insurance agent back in our October issue. "So he put it all together and said the deel-is-his."

In part one of a three part interview, Deelishis gives us the deal and tells us what time it really is between her and Flav and when her feelings for America's favorite hypeman went from reality TV to real. Since the season finale, we're sure you've been getting more questions than Alex Trebec. What's the question people ask you most?

Deelishis: Do I really like Flav?

Well, do you?

Yes, I do.

Well there's like him because he's a nice guy…

Yes he is so that makes it easier for me to like him the way that I do.

Then there's like him like you want to have his baby. Is that how you like him?


Well, on the show he made it clear the woman for him would be willing to give him four more babies. So that's you?

Well the good thing about that is, I have one so that knocks that number down [laughs].

Three's the charm so they say.

Yes, definitely. In some respects, I'm old fashioned. So of course the American Dream is for me to meet somebody, even in the strangest situations. Fall in love, get the home, make the babies, and live happily ever after. I know that is not always reality, but then again why not?

Well you certainly know a thing or two about reality in the television sense but when did you know your feelings for Flav were not just for TV?

That's a really good question. I went on my date on the camel ride, and we had a long conversation under the tent and that's when we started to connect. That's when it didn't matter if he chose me or not, I knew that I had a connection with him, so anything outside of him choosing me probably would've been for TV because I thought we had the greater connection at the time.

Now the better question is, is that connection still there?

I take it as serious as we will allow it, and what I mean by that is, as much as I want to tell myself, "You know I'm going to treat this like any other relationship.” it's different. It's a relationship that's being dragged through the media. It's being looked at with a fine toothcomb and people are on top of it. But hopefully this goes a little bit further. No one wants to get into a courtship just to say I'm courting someone. Of course you want a deep interesting outcome, so if that's what happens, that's great, and that's what my focus is and according to Flav, his is the same too.

So you two see eye to eye, but we're not talking wedding bells here, are we?

Not at all. That's not me. That's not realistic.

Okay, but at the same time, if we saw Deelishis right now and said, "Excuse me miss? Can I take you out tonight?” you would say no, right?

Umm, well honestly, I don't have a man. Flav and I are courting. But however, due to the nature of how we started our courtship and how public it is, I would probably have to say no. It's just bigger than the average courtship, and so I don't want people to get the wrong idea and I don't want to repeat last season's winner's actions. Now down the line, if things really become a relationship where it's he's doing other things - that's what he and I have agreed to, then maybe. But even with that, outside of TV, I'm just not the type to date numerous guys at the same time.

But you seem to be the type who will date a man dating numerous women at the same time, on national television, no less. What made you decide to go down that road?

I was single, number one. And number two, I'm [28-years-old], so this could be something that I could look back on and say, ‘You know what? This is something I did, and it's not so bad.' I was on a hiatus, I was in a bad relationship for some years prior to going on the show, so it couldn't hurt. If I got to the show and it worked out then good. And if I didn't, then that's okay too.

Well the risk seemed to pay off and it certainly didn't hurt that you had your secret weapon.

[laughs] What do you mean?

You know what we mean. That backside of yours makes you look pregnant from behind.

I was very pleased with editing. For me to have what I have, I don't think I flaunted it at all. As a matter of fact, I know I wasn't, that's something I pride myself on. So for me to have a big asset in the back, that's just what it is, that's hereditary and I wouldn't change it for the world. However, it wasn't my tool to win the show. My tool was being myself. I'm a good person and so is he, so he judged me based on character. And it doesn't hurt that you know, there's a wagon being dragged in on the back [laughs].

Log back on tomorrow for part two of our exclusive interview with Deelishis where she talks about her baby's daddy, what her daughter thinks of Flav, and which of her fellow contestants she really hates and loves.