Things took off a couple years later when she founded "The Joke's On You” with actors who performed practical jokes for hire years before Ashton Kutcher had ever punk'd anyone. "'The Joke's On You' was about bringing humor to people. I had a victim's bio and would talk to relatives and close friends to put together creative scenarios to stage on victims. I wouldn't do anything vengeful or harmful. It had to be positive.”

Moore-Marable parlayed her connections from that venture into a fruitful career as a casting director that has spanned more than 15 years and includes work on Just Another Girl on the IRT and Spike Lee's Girl 6. Her current focus is her Spirited Actor Workshop, which schools on the acting and audition process. "I was pregnant and had to slow down, so I started teaching,” she says of the workshop. "I wanted to empower actors and delete all the misconceptions about the audition process. I also wanted to connect with actors and motivate and encourage them on their journey because there are a lot of discouraging people in the business.”