Angel Fershgenet hears y'all talking. In fact, she welcomes it. Whether adorning glossy magazine pages with her unreal figure or strutting across your favorite rapper's music video set, the voluptuous bombshell is steady feeling both praise and potshots. But now, after charming her way through her big-screen debut in the erotic thriller Crazy Like A Fox (dropping Summer '08), the rump-heavy starlet takes a moment to let loose her own banter. To, Lola Luv addresses your responses to her movie trailer (you know who you are), the status of her magazine and music video career (grab a tissue), and why Hollywood should already be checking for her. Prepare for some role-play! Not in that way, pervs.

KING Unsurprisingly, your thespian premiere got quite a rise out of the faithful.
Angel You have to understand; my hard work is what got me this far. But controversy helped sell. So the comments are expected. It's the reason that we put the trailer out there. I can't expect all good feedback.

One viewer wrote, "It looks worse than a student film.”
[Laughs] I love it. This is entertainment, so it's what I've been used to. Sometimes, [the response] is more negative than positive. You heard my reaction—I laughed. Because I know the work that I put into it, and that this is what comes with it. This is what people do. They criticize and pick at every little thing. So it doesn't faze me.

How did you nab the starring spot in Crazy Like A Fox?
The director-writer of the film [Tony Abulu] was looking for the perfect person to fill this role. He researched me and looked for all my work. He didn't want me to read, he didn't even put me through an audition. He just wanted me for the role. He took a chance.

Do you think his shot in the dark paid off?
Being as though it was a low-budget film, everything wasn't perfect. But I wasn't disappointed with my work. Everyone has to start somewhere. You elevate, keep moving up. Just the way I started with videos and I'm going into acting. I'm not going to land a major film and get that major role off the break.

Maybe if your name were Gravy. What was your first major acting experience like?
Everything wasn't so organized, but it was OK, because it actually made me realize I can work well under pressure. They changed the scenes on me every day! And they'd give me a whole new set of lines to study, and during makeup and hair, I'd memorize all my lines. I never had to repeat a line or anything. If we had to do more than one take, it wasn't because I messed up; it was because someone else on set messed up. And this is all from natural ability—I had one acting session with my coach. So imagine after I work on my craft. I'm studying acting right now. I'm really focused.