OK. May as well get the bad news out of the way first. The shoe pictured here, the adidas x ROBOT Films EQT B-Ball (the latest addition to the adidas REMIX Collection), is probably only available on eBay. It just dropped on the 18th, but with only 500 pairs available (for $150 a pop), you're probably not gonna find too many pairs left at retail.

The good news? Well, it's a cool shoe. Designed in conjunction with urban marketers ROBOT Films (yeah, I know, shocking), the shoe has a 3M upper revealing a removeable bootie printed with a motherboard graphic (which carries over to the outsole, where it's covered by a layer of clear rubber). The shoe also comes with a second bootie that has a collage of ROBOT logos.

This fashion remix, actually, is probably a better use for the shoe than its original purpose—basketball—as it's kind of heavy and overly padded (it was originally designed by Charles Johnson in 1991 as a lightweight shoe, believe it or not). Then again, I believe it was one of the first shoes ever to be featured in SLAM (which was my day job for years) so I kind of have a soft spot for it. Despite the fact that I've never owned a pair.

And now it's probably too late for me to get these. Whoops.

(But here's Wyclef and T.I.!)