airjo1.jpgIn front of a packed house of media from around the world, Jordan Brand and Michael Jordan officially unveiled the Air Jordan 2009 earlier this month. According to Michael Jordan himself, the Air Jordan 2009 is a new beginning, a new legacy. He felt that naming the sneaker the Air Jordan XX4 would have diminished the value of the number 23 and the Air Jordan XX3.

The Air Jordan 2009 was designd by Jason Mayden and is inspired by Defense and the Martial Art of Fencing. The look and technology found in the Air Jordan 2009 are based on the quick moves, quick attacks, and quick defense found both in Fencing and in Basketball.

While at the grand unveiling I sat down with Jason Mayden to get a full breakdown of the design process behind the sneaker and a full breakdown of the technology and aesthetics that combine to create the newest Air Jordan.

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