Enjoy this classic, behind-the-scenes look at Alesha Renee's first shoot with KING. Try not to fall in love too much with this beauty.

In this video, Alesha Renee flaunts her stuff and dances around, clearly enjoying herself. It was her very first feature and you can tell that the camera was definitely loving her.

Renee said, "It just feels really different! Like I said, it was my first experience, so I didn't know what to expect. I had a great time, and you know... it was great playing dress-up and make believe, because I'm not typically like a girly-girl."

She was a big fan of the purple outfit that she wore (a coincidence that it's our favorite too), because it was reminiscent of the dress Beyonce wore in the "Crazy in Love" video. It's cool to see her rocking all of these outfits in this classic video and to see where she's come from those days on her BET show, The 5ive.

She most recently starred on both the Guy Code and Girl Code shows, which dealt with issues and topics that affected modern, single youths. Subjects like virginity, public displays of affection and the "friend zone" were covered on this show, with the bonus of allowing us to see Renee's beautiful face and luscious curves.

Nowadays, you can keep up to date with Alesha Renee on Twitter and Instagram. Follow her to see great pictures, updates and more of her special brand of beauty and charm that keeps us chomping at the bit for more.