The NBA, scheduled to hold its All-Star game in New Orleans later this month announced the games' reserves today (the starters were released last week).

The East reserves are Detroit's Chauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton, Toronto's Chris Bosh, Washington's Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison, Atlanta's Joe Johnson and Boston's Paul Pierce.

The West players really only need introductions by one name -- Dirk, Nash, Paul, Amare, Boozer, Roy and David West (might not know him).

It's pretty hard to argue with either of the conferences' reserves as they are all deserving, but there are a couple snubs I feel are worth discussing.

1) Marcus Camby - The NBA's best defender on the, arguably, NBA's worst defensive team. Ironic, no? Camby leads the NBA in blocks and is second to only Orlando's Dwight Howard in rebounds per game.
2) Baron Davis - The Warrior's point guard is averaing 22.3 points per game (15th in the NBA) and 8.1 assists per game (seventh in the league). Not to mention he is one of the most exciting players in the NBA.

3) Gerald Wallace - Sure, he plays for an underachieving team owned by the new Clarence Thomas (had to get a shot in at you Mr. Johnson). But Wallace, who is averaging career-highs in points and assists hustles on the defensive end like every play is his last. He may be the best blocking swing-man in the NBA as well. Other players made it on reputation, while Wallace has been getting it done on the court.

I will say the West should absolutely destroy the East in the game. At any time they can put five to six players who should be considered for the MVP awards, on the court.