Words by Gottyâ„¢

*taps microphone*

Is this thing on?

Dear reader, don't mean to throw you off but we figured an introduction of who we are & what we'll be bringing to the table was in order. Essentially, we're regular cats who live just like you live - check to check, dealing with baby momma's, bill collectors, a variety of beautiful but headache inducing women. We're writers. Not formally trained, but deeply ingrained with what a sense of what hip-hop music & culture are about.

How did we get here?

Like everybody else - we answered the ad on Craiglist.

Nah, seriously, we have our own thing online where we do album reviews, artist interviews and spit on a broad range of topics that surround hip-hop. Two years, roughly 4 million visits later & many days of keepin it funkin on our own, my man Jozen reached out to us in regards to bringin some of our Fresh to you good people who visit KING. Needless to say, it didn't take much arm-twisting but it surely did help that he sent one or two of the models over to encourage us and a promise to send my brother copies of the print mag while he's away at one of nation's fine federal correctional institutes.

What we plan to do is give you entertainment. Lucky for you, we're not backpackers, but we do rock with that. We aren't exactly thugs, because I know I'll listen to some Los Lobos, Goapele & Sa-Ra on the same Ipod that I listen to Lil Boosie & Webbie, T.I. & Vakill. We're old enough to remember the "glory days" of Doo-Wop and The Bounce Squad mixtape intros, actually poppin a few copies of Illmatic and the purple tape...but in tune enough to the current vibe of music to know that Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, Papoose & Saigon could be potential problems that hip-hop needs right now. We still spazz just like you if we're in the club and the DJ plays "Cherchez La Ghost,""Luchini" and throw our hands in the air like the true playas we are when "Big Poppa" is cued up...but, let "Boy Looka Here" come on and we're liable to be boppin with that as well.

See we don't relish on the past, spew hate or show disdain for the present. We focus on what we DO like. We're living proof that hip-hop, and music as a whole, are still indeed alive. So in our instinctive travels in the path of rhythm, we invite you to join us, grab a cool beverage or your lung intoxicant of choice, read...and enjoy.

And please, always...Respect Our Fresh!

Oh yeah, Mom, if you're reading, top of the world baby.




Still find yourself unsure about who we are @ The Smoking Section?

Today, we've got a nice feature article on Redman along with some mp3s that might interest you. As well, we've got up one of our signature Smoking Sessions, this time with Kurupt and JWells. Click to your hearts content & if you like what you see, leave a comment and money on the nightstand.

That should tide you over until myself and the rest of The Crew - including PNC's Chris, Drew & P (she only speaks with her hands, word to Terminator X) - drop our first actual installment here @ KING-MAG.com.