KING Auto racing is really no country for sexy women. It must be harder for you to fit in than Kwame Brown at All-Star Weekend.

AMANDA AMANN I wouldn't say that it's hard at all. I get a lot of stares, but it's like my parents told me, "Keep your chin up and your head forward.” I know I'm completely equipped and armed with my intelligence and competence.

Smart and sexy—killer combo. I'm guessing you got a little love thing for whips.
Oh, yeah, I love cars, especially European cars and imports. I love anything that has the capacity to go fast and maintain its stability.

You're still talkin' about cars, right? Do guys try to get at you by spitting random car knowledge?
Yeah. One of the biggest turnoffs is a guy coming up to me, knowing what I do and saying, "Hmm, how about Dale Earnhardt Jr.?” or "What's your favorite car?” And I tell them, and they have absolutely no idea what it is.

What was the best car you've owned?
My first love that I got after college: a 1995 BMW 740i. The special thing about it was that it had M-engineered steering, and it came with the M chip, which very few of the BMW 7 series came with. That was the legendary model. Tupac got shot in that car!

Any crazy stories with it?
When I got to L.A., I got pulled over a lot. [Police] thought I was a drug dealer. They'd go, "Ma'am, you can't have tints that dark.” There's a little trick you can do…but I'll keep that to myself.

**Appears in KING Magazine's May 2008 issue**