Any adjective used to describe the sun can easily substitute as a brief biography for Amerie, the dangerously leggy singer. Hot. Blazing. Life-giving. She's all that and a box of condoms. Secretly nominated as the most eligible woman to inherit Beyonce's hips, a crucially-timed hit could bump her up the R&B-clamored food chain for good. Channeling her inner James Brown, "Gotta Work” is a gritty blue-collar (or in this case pink lace?) anthem with underdog appeal. When the majestic trumpet calls boom at all angles, she sounds like a mean gym teacher, "sometimes you gonna feel pain like this / you gotta work hard for it”, she cautions. Naturally, this is a catty declaration of beefy passion that about makes her the best singer in the business for 3 minutes - Rodney Dugue
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