We're tired of heart-wrenching tales of the ugly duckling turned swan ("I was really skinny and kind of dorky when I was younger—bottle-cap glasses, bad acne, crazy hair, and I read books all day.”) But one visit to Anna Hourglass's 25-plus galleries, weekly forum chats and web cam shows, which showcase her hip-rolling skills and 32C-24-38 naughty bits, prove the Guyana native made a smooth transformation from introvert to exhibitionist. "When I'm in front of the camera, I try to imagine a guy that I'm really attracted to,” the 22-year-old says. "And my goal is to turn him on. I show so much on the website [http://www.annahourglass.com] anyway, I might as well give them a show—an exotic woman with a bit of a twist.”

She aims to please, but when Anna's must-see TV is over, the 5'2 Vietnamese, Native American and white sparkplug stresses she's just a regular girl. "I'm shy—I wear my hair in a bun, rarely wear makeup and keep to myself,” she admits. "But I love my curves and my body, and that's why I don't mind showing them off when the cameras are on.”