Erstwhile producer 7 Aurelius makes his not-so unexpected reunion with his favorite collaborator Ashanti on his first single, "My Number Babe”. The Inc.'s resident beatsmith dumps Ashanti with a near-impossible beat, featuring half-broken,Tetris-meets-ping-pong, synth beams ricocheting off their chemistry. It's a mechanical, robotic, arcade fantasy that sounds even more ridiculous as a canvas for wispy dalliance. Even worse is the beat gets in the way of any frothy flirting Ashanti gives, who's giving her suitor face-time instead of airtime with lines like, "you gotta work boy, to touch a face like this”. 7, of course, plays docile victim and agrees, "you know I will, just make sure it's ridiculous”. Whatever it means, Ashanti is a moving target, cuing and then beckoning, "call me up when you want to play”. But if The Inc want to be taken seriously, someone should tell Ashanti and 7 playtime is over. – Rodney Dugue

My Number Babe - 7 Aurelius feat. Ashanti