Model Carla Maria's luscious looks and need for speed make for a helluva combination.

Can model Carla Maria, like any other ridiculously stunning woman, pick out her favorite pickup line? It's sure not the genius query of "What's your sign?” that makes her Cocoa Pops-brown face light up in amusement. "People in general have asked me if my freckles are real,” Carla laughs, as a support team doing makeup and hair prepare the twentysomething lovely for a photo shoot at the exclusive New York City hangout Lotus. "I guess you really don't see too many dark girls with freckles.”

Of course, freckles are not Carla's only noteworthy physical attributes. Her amazing natural beauty is the stuff dreams are made of; she has the sort of heartbreaking, smoldering eyes that clash with her good-girl smile. Sensually sprawled on a lavender, crushed velvet sofa, Carla—who refers to her background as "Indian Black” (Native and Eastern)—flaunts a pair of slender, exaggerated legs that will make any man into a believer.

Then there's the mother lode of all weapons: "Someone just touched my booty, so I'm not afraid to say I have back,” Carla quips before a drool-inducing display of the goods.