AGE: 36 ("I can't believe you asked me that!")
HEIGHT: 5'3"
ETHNICITY: African-American
HOMETOWN: Hollywood, Florida
TWITTER: @TheOnlyAvonte
YOU'VE SEEN HER IN: VH1's Tough Love Miami; Spike TV's MANswers

When folks think of the urban modeling industry, Melyssa Ford comes to mind. But in actuality you've been doing this way before her. In fact, if this game had a Mount Rushmore, your face... and bust would be on it.

I've paved the way for beautiful women like Melyssa because I was one of the very first. She came in and elevated it to even a higher level, so many props to her. I have that title of being the first celebrity urban model because I laid that first brick of the foundation and no one can take that from me.

How does it feel to get that type of recognition from those who do know what you've put in?

I love it, My fans and people who recognize the work I've put into this game appreciate the art of the beauty, the passion and the business of the whole urban modeling industry, from that it's much appreciated.

For the umpteenth time, and for the new jacks who aren't familiar with you, how did you get into this?

This started when I was a young actress. From there I shot for calendars that focused on women of color in the entertainment business where I met a photographer that was doing a shoot for a top urban magazine, he did a test shoot, the magazine loved it. Then it came down to me and another really popular actress for the cover, but they selected me and that's how it all began.

You did take a bit of a break to focus on other endeavors. But now you have returned, why?

I always consider myself a businesswoman first. But I never truly left; I'm just a lot choosier with the publications that I associate myself with. But now with a major reality show that I've done coming out in the fall and my internet radio show, The Morning Jones, that is doing very well my focus is more of me as a brand and this is part of my brand.

Not worried that your age is going to set you back?

No, my age has never been a factor. That shows my maturity and wisdom but as far as my looks I can take on these younger females all day. Which probably makes me sexier than ever. Also my look stood the test of time, which has to say a lot.

In your hiatus, your name was blog fodder due to your marriage to Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men.

Well, the scandal was he married another woman. Due to the religion he introduced me to he made me his spiritual wife; we stayed together for seven years.

Looking back, after all the drama that unfolded, would you do the same thing again, changing your religion?

Yes, I will do it again. One of my faults is that I love hard. I learned a lot from that relationship. I went into it fully so I wouldn't change much. I came from a real place in that relationship so I don't regret it or the pain it caused me.

With his religion, comes polygamy. But you were privy to this going in. Were you open to the whole idea?

Yes, I was open to the polygamy going in. Again, we became really close before we became a couple. I knew what I was getting into and I was ready to accept a whole new idea of a relationship. It didn't work out so well but I still don't regret it.

Now that you are single, are you still open to sharing your mate with others sexually?

Let's just say I'm willing to always keep my man happy.

What are you looking for?

What I look for in men is strength, not so much physically but someone I can look up to and learn from, someone who I can trust.

Since you're single, are you looking for a relationship or are you trying to sow your wild oats?

I'm looking for a real relationship.

Are you opposed to younger men? You are considered a Cougar you know. And we're so willing to sign up for that.

Yes, I'm open to a younger man as long as he's mature.

You're obviously not new to modeling, but you claimed on the set of your KING shoot that this was the first time in your whole career that you've done implied nudity.

I've done implied for other projects on the net but nothing quite like this. This was definitely in your face. I never went into a photo shoot feeling as comfortable and open not wearing clothes as this shoot.

Nervous that you might have a nip slip?

Yes, I was nervous because there is a lot of nipple to slip [laughs].

Yeah, so about signing up for that Cougar thing...

Call me [winks].