So you're a college girl, huh? Think a few male professors might bump up that biology grade after they see this?
It's not like the Dean or the professors are gonna pick up KING.

That's cute. You've got a lot to learn.
Well if they saw it, they might change how they act toward me, but they wouldn't want to kick me out of school. There's a price to pay.

Threats don't scare institutions of higher learning. They're worse than the Sopranos.
I get good grades and have a scholarship, so they can't kick me out.

Oh, so paying for college isn't an issue for you like it was in Weezy's "Hustler's Musik” video, where your character strips her way through school?
I'm a little hustler—I get my way through things, but I would never go that route [in real life].

What's the difference between swinging on poles and booty-popping in videos?
The Wayne video was an acting role; in the Busta video, I'm salsa dancing. My main goal is for the industry to know I exist as a model through videos and magazines. I'm also working on getting in Victoria's Secret.

Well, here's a secret: They don't rock with girls with big booties.
A lot of men tell me I have a perfect ass . . . . I'm sure it's because of sexual reasons.

Highly probable.
Not that it's a bad thing, but guys think about sex a lot. I can go a whole week without thinking about sex, then a week where I think about it every day. I have certain moods.

What mood are you in now?
I'm focused. Until my modeling goal is accomplished, I'm not going to make sex my number one, two or three priority.

So when you do accomplish your goal, you'll be doing more sticking and moving than O.J. in a Hertz commercial?
Not all over the place. I don't have a lot of time for it.

Jesus woman, you have to make time! What would change your mind?
First of all, looks and a smile will draw my attention, but if I can hold a conversation with you and you have a sense of humor, that'll pull me in.

My mama always told me the best way to a woman's heart is through laughter.
That's true.

Is it working?
Oh, you have a sense of humor?