Experience is one of the best teachers, whether it's with relationships, jobs or remembering not to walk over an air vent with a dress on like I did in San Antonio (I pray it doesn't pop up on YouTube. Y'all know YouTube is the devil! lol). We all have those things that we wish we could take back. God knows I have a lot of them. Starting with the frogs I've kissed and prayed they would become princes. I know I've told myself so many times, "If only I did this, if only I did that.” It's like, "Hello, I did it... deal with it move on.” Like some people say with mistakes, you recognize them, learn from them and try your best not to repeat them.

After I told a good friend about my air vent experience in San Antonio, he said, "Don't you wish you had that little wand like Will Smith in Men in Black where people's memories could be erased?” In that situation, yes, but in a lot of cases, no, because memories, whether they are good or bad, help develop one's character and the person they turn out to be. To be honest, like quite a few people, there are things I would have done differently. I'm at a point in my life where I appreciate things I've been through, but while I was going through them, I didn't see the light at the end of the tunnel, nor did I realize how it would help me in the grand scheme of things (kind of like the Herschel Walker trade, my real football fans will understand this reference).

There are some things I did yesterday that I want to go back and redo, but this isn't a movie and we aren't in fantasy land so that's not an option. I use to hate this phrase, but sometimes you do have to "suck it up," re-focus, take the bitter with sweet and keep it moving. It's like a never-ending conversation that I have with people I'm close with—nine times out of 10 we are referencing the past. It's good for guidance, but dwelling on it will keep you stuck there. If you are blessed enough to wake up and start a new day, that means you have another chance. You can't correct mistakes, but you can build from them. As a wise woman once said (better yet learned lol) "If you have on a dress, don't walk over an air vent".

But for those few people that were walking behind me (no pun intended) that evening, please hit yourself with a stick and lose your memory. LOL!

"It is good to remember the past but don't let the past capture your future. The greatest thing about life is that it moves ahead and never goes back. Just remember when it moves ahead, a new beginning starts."
-Katelyn Young