Since Trina and her kaboom first stepped in the room, she's successfully defended her self-anointed title of "Baddest Bitch.” Before her fellatio-laced quips on Trick Daddy's sexual stare-down "Nann Nigga,” there hadn't been a potty mouth Southerner so many cats yearned to taste.

But the Diamond Princess is about to make it even harder on straight guys and female comp. It's a new day for the 26-year-old. She's happier and more focused on her golden rap career (Da Baddest Bitch and Diamond Princess have both reached the 500,000 sold mark). And with her single "Big Ole Dick” –where Trina lists what rappers are packing behind the zipper-raising eyebrows, Love's ready to capitalize on her coochie talk and slim-down frame. "The summertime is mine,” she proclaims. "It belongs to me. Trust me.”

On how the "Baddest Bitch” is able to maintain this title:

"I think the baddest bitch is any woman that's strong and is doing her own thing. But it's a lot of bad girls that's in the game now. Like Beyonce, she is doing her thing. That's like me-people can say whatever they want about me. When I step out, I step out fly. When you say a bad thing, to me that's a fault-jealousy.”

Explaining just how real she kept it on ‘Big Ole Dick”:

"I can't really say anything based on personal experience with any of them cause I never really dated anybody in the industry, no male rappers. When I was talking to my friends, I knew what they was talking about. They was all real excited, like, "I wanna know for real” about this person or that person. Like, "I wonder if this person really do got a big dick.” So I just used my mind, and I'm gonna say anyone I like, anyone I'm a fan of.”