Morris Robinson may not be a king in real life, but he's royalty in the opera world. That's because the 6-foot-2, 280-pound former gridiron star from the Citadel has often been cast to portray one ever since he debuted in 2002 at the Metropolitan Opera. "I play kings, gods, devils,” Robinson rumbles in basso profundo [the lowest male bass voice] during a break in his demanding schedule of shows and rehearsals. "Roles of power and authority are something that match my personality. I'm used to walking down the 50-yard line with all eyes on me.”If that sounds cocky, you obviously haven't seen the 35-year-old bass rock Carnegie Hall, or his riveting performances of "God Bless America,” which he did during last year's baseball playoffs at Yankee Stadium. "I had my Timbos on, Sean John, diamond hoop, hat backward,” Robinson says, "but I took my hat off and said, ‘Let me turn it on and show what kind of versatility I have.”