Is it really Lizz Robbins submitting these blogs? The answer to that question is yes, it's really me (I have several sources at KING that can vouch for me LOL). Sometimes I have to question myself because of so many individuals using my photos for other things (i.e. websites like, etc.). There are many cases of identity theft. They can range from financial to criminal to even minor. No matter the range, anytime you use someone else's identity, it's a crime.
The most reported cases are people using photos on dating sites, networking sites, etc claiming to be someone they are not. It seems using urban model photos are the most common infraction. Me as well as many of my fellow model friends, continually deal with this issue. We have our supporters however, we are still working on reaching the widespread name recognition, so it's easier for people to steal our photos and create accounts on a website like Blackplanet or Myspace. However, mainstream celebs and even deceased ones, can be victims of identity theft. I know someone who is still trying to dig themselves out of a financial hole because someone used her credit cards and social security number. There are many ways to protect yourself against financial identity theft , but of course number one is guard your personal information at all times.

When it comes to stealing photos and posting them, I really can't understand, why a person does it. Especially on the matchmaking sites (I don't knock these sites, people have found true love on them), if you're using someone else's photo, don't you think eventually the person on the other end is going to want to meet you? I've received e-mails from people who have claimed we've been contacting each other for months and have even spoken to me on the phone. One guy even told me how "sexy” my baritone voice was (for those who know me, feel free to start ROTFLYAO). Out of all the e-mails I've received from people alerting me of imposters, one did touch my heart. He was a soldier over in Iraq, and found out through another soldier who knew me personally that the woman he's been corresponding with and sending money and gifts to was not me. I was in total shock and could not believe another human being could deceive someone like that. Then again, I do live in the real world, so nothing really seems to amaze me these days, but GEEZ. He truly believed that it was me he was talking to. I can hear all of you saying "Who would be crazy enough to send anyone money and gifts that they've never laid eyes on?” Trust me, there are plenty of people, unfortunately a lot of these people are really seeking out love or even a friend to talk to and people take advantage of this.

There could be many answers why people would want to steal photos, it could be self-esteem, and it could be for financial gain, who knows? The Internet is such a wonderful tool for information and communication, it's truly sad that some people choose to abuse it. For the people who are communicating with someone online before you make the decision to take it to another level, make sure they are truly who they say they are (Hmm, I'm having a Denny Green flashback LOL). I personally like the Myspace way where you have to hold up your myspace url in a photo of yourself, if a person can't provide you with this, most likely it's not them. You can even have them take a photo in a certain color shirt, holding up a certain number for example (don't give them to long to do it; they may have time to work a little Photoshop magic). For those photo ID thieves out there, try using your own photo, even get creative, if a person is truly interested in who you are they will accept you as you are. Don't sell (no pun intended) yourself short.

For the record, there are four sites where I'm interactive; they are,, and of course All others are imposters!!!

"Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.” -Judy Garland

*Special thanks to JMM for creating my "Fake ID” and my girl Jeannie Jones ("Kitty of the City") for inspiring me!