In the last couple of weeks, some absurd studies have come out regarding the sex lives of black folks. Specifically, black men. The studies basically say, if you're black, you're having way more sex than those people of other races. Yeah, apparently we're like the Tiger Woods of pu**y.

Now, while both studies were done for entirely different purposes and in entirely different circumstances, the study that says hip hop fans have more sex does, in a way, gives the second study's conclusion - black men are more than twice as likely to have multiple heterosexual partners as white men - more legs. Here's how:

Hip hop + Rappers (mostly black men) + songs with lyrical content about getting with mad bitches and hoes, etc. = "black men are more than twice as likely to have multiple heterosexual partners at one time than white men"

That's math for your ass! Literally.

The fact is, if these doctors and scientists knew anything about our people, they would know black men are prone to lie about how much ass they really get. I don't care how academic the study is, when it comes to sex and the black man, we always have to look like the number 1 stunna[1].

Bragging about our latest conquest is what black men do, but so is lying about it. I can honestly say that I was bragging about getting ass that was never there when I was like 14. And I'd bet my bottom dollar a lot of my boys were doing the same thing. But what I learned from my many friendships with white players on my high school football team is getting a lot of trim is what every man wants. For many men, it's the American dream.

And to say that hip-hop fans are getting it more than those who listen to jazz, classical, or rock is just as absurd. Hip-hop artists are gettin, gettin, gettin, gettin some trim, but not the fans. Not for nothing, hip-hop is the only art form that is really honest about men's attitudes towards sex, word to G-Unit's "Groupie Love". I mean, I could've sworn the only one singing about promiscuous sex right now is some white woman whose album is produced by a former hip-hop producer.

Sure, we're having a lot of sex, but not more than white boys, and not more than people who listen to jazz, classical, or any other music not called hip-hop.

The fact is, promiscuous sex is a race, music, GENDER ISSUE! It's in man's NATURE!

So I'm telling all my ninjas to quit talking or lying about your sex life like that because it's giving us a bad rap, word to Superhead. Keep it real with yourself, and keep it honest too. You bed a chick, keep it in closed quarters. You don't bed a chick, keep it real with your boy and just tell him, "Yeah man, truth be told, I ain't really get the drawers. I only got some head."

I mean, while it is pretty hot to say that black men are the leaders in scoring, and to say that we're pimps and we're playas, the stereotype shit demonizes us. Think of Emmit Till getting lynched for whistling (more and likely suggestively) at a white woman. Or think of all the women of other races who get raped and will more and likely say their predator was a black man.

Don't be like Samuel L. Jackson's version of Shaft who said: "It's my duty to please that booty."

Be like Richard Roundtree's version: SHUT YO MOUTH!

[1] That's an entirely different issue I'll be discussing later.