jenniferhudson_inside1.jpgI have a big girl jones right now fellas. Yep, the heavy hips are the new look in '07. I don't even care if y'all ride with me on this one or not…it's just the zone I'm in at the moment. Jennifer Hudson? Hot. Why? I don't know. It could be the way she squeezes into those satin breast-restraining evening gowns at these Dreamgirls screenings. I haven't even heard her sing really and I think she should win every award she is up for this year. Her frame makes her worthy of the real "Jenny from the block” title. KING has set the standard for the model with the bottle shape (pretty in the face, tiny in the waist), but I'm throwing the curve at y'all. I'm not gonna go all crazy and start having Mo'nique type chicks spread out in the mag, but on this here website things are gonna get chunky monkeys. Be on the look out for some thick chicks that are hot and send them to me. The phattest ones will be rewarded. No joke!

jesscaandrosario_inside2.jpgBTW, this has nothing to do with my thicky icky feeling but Jessica Biel is my girl of the day. She was blowing Rosario Dawson out the water at the Golden Globe Awards nominations this morning. What a way to start the day. Derek Jeter is having a wonderful off-season, I'm sure.