It looks like Blac Youngsta is not letting go of his beef with the late Young Dolph after Youngsta was filmed performing a Dolph diss in the club.

On Friday (Dec. 17), Blac Youngsta rapped his 2016 Young Dolph diss track “Shake Sum” during his performance at the Aces of Dallas nightclub in Dallas. Video of his performance started circulating on social media on Saturday (Dec. 18). You can watch them at the bottom of this post.

In the clip, Youngsta is rhyming behind a backing track, which features his abrasive lyrics aimed at the late Memphis legend. He then pauses during the song’s hook to light up a blunt. Afterward, the Heavy Camp leader commanded the DJ to stop the song so he can spit his second verse a cappella style.

“Young Dolph Thorton wanna play ho/I'm on tour with the K ho/Mac 11, Smith & Wesson, extended clip, 100 rounds though/How the fuck you the king of Memphis, you ain't from the city, you from Chicago/Fuck boy, you better lay low/Killers move when I say so,” Youngsta rapped.

“My lil nigga rob and steady killin' rapin' niggas/Mama's and shit lil nigga/You better ask you lil niggas/All these lil niggas around me killers/The city know what's up with me, lil nigga/I'm a double OG, lil nigga/Any nigga play with me, lil nigga/I swear to God they ain't gon' breath, lil nigga/Dolph, you ain't put in no work/You a ho on the low-low/Talkin' ’bout you the plug best friend, nigga, you ain't sellin' no work/Niggas bustin' on you in your own hood fuck-boy, you a no show," he rapped.

Blac Youngsta's controversial song choice comes a month after Young Dolph was shot and killed in Memphis while inside Makeda's Homemade Cookies on Nov. 17. It’s no secret that when Dolph was alive, the late rhymer had an ongoing feud with Yo Gotti and Youngsta, Gotti's CMG artist.

During their heated feud, Youngsta was arrested and charged for his alleged involvement in the February of 2017 incident in which Dolph's SUV was shot at over 100 times outside the annual CIAA event in Charlotte, N.C. He was charged with six counts of discharging a firearm into occupied property and one count of felony conspiracy.

Luckily, Dolph survived the gun attack.

In an interview with XXL in 2017, Youngsta denied the allegations against him.

"I'm going to get to the bottom of a lot of this shit once I beat this [case]," he explained, adding that the police issued a warrant for him because of lyrics Young Dolph included on his Bulletproof project. "People talk and try to put shit together and make shit up, but at the end of the day I know for a fact that everybody is going to be looking crazy as hell when this shit is all over with."

In May of 2019, all charges against Blac Youngsta were dropped in the case.

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