it Bentley Continental GT
to get it $155k; Lease $2,100 a month
it's pushin' 552hp, 0-60 in 4.7 secs
who's pushin' it Paris Hilton, Reggie Miller, Foxy Brown, Denzel Washington, J. Lo
we think it's When approaching the Bentley's 198 mph top speed, we suggest you crack the window and let that rich leather breathe. It actually reeks of success. The 6.0l W12 twin turbo powerplant's hum is almost as elegant as the hand-crafted interior. A quick glance at the Breitling clock will remind you what time it is. After all, this is the greatest luxury sport coupe ever built.
she thinks it's "If I see a man driving this, I'm thinking, ‘He's rich!' ” [laughs]
its next The GTC Conti-convertible is gonna drop in 2007.
it needs A set of 22s . . . anything less would be upper-middle class.
its best option Any color you want. Yup, you can sport it in Dayglo orange if . . . you're an idiot.
pimp it The Mulliner package is equipped with stock 20s, quilted hides and upgraded veneers, and it's tricky to pronounce.