KING What's so special about The Comebacks?
Jackie Long I'm in it, and it's a good spoof. People who love football, there's no reason for you not to see this movie. If you're feeling down, go see The Comebacks because it'll make you feel better.

What's different about this spoof than others that have been done in the past?
It's just funny as hell. There's nothing that's over-the-top. Everything's just right. It's perfect. There ain't nothing you gonna be, "that's enough, that's not funny.” You're gonna laugh at everything because it's a great flick, man.

What's your favorite scene?
When you first see [my character], Trotter. I'm in a limo with a bunch of "Trotter Girls,” and I come out in this suit looking so delicious. My whole body looks nutritious.

Yikes. Switching topics… If you and girlfriend Serena Williams starred in a revival of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, who would wear the pants?
C'mon, I've got three legs, man. Who you think? Three legs, man. That's Big Daddy, me.

She's not in charge?
No, I'm in charge. The only person that's in charge of me, maybe, is my Mom. That's the only person that's in charge of me, sometime.

Any sport you could beat Serena in?
Anything besides tennis. I'm the boss.

One-on-one basketball?
We play that. That's messy.

I know you've been on Wild ‘N' Out. Are you close with Nick Cannon?
That's funny as hell, I'm right next to Nick Cannon. We work out together.

Who puts more up on the bench?
Nick might be more than me right now. He's a little more cut than me right now, that's why I'm over here working out with him. He's trying to film a boxing movie, so he's trying to get it right. Our relationship is straight business. It's all we do. If he got something, he let me know. If I hear something, it's vice versa. We just partners.

If you could star in a movie as an athlete in their biopic, what athlete would it be?
Jackie Robinson. He broke so many barriers. What he did was unbelievable. He's got so much history behind him. Not just because his name was Jackie like mine. What he did was just amazing. Going through all that stuff that he did at that time when all of that stuff was going down was just amazing. I definitely have to respect Jackie Robinson and I'd love to play him.

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