As if hard-hitting, realistic boxing action wasn't enough of a reason to cop Don King Presents: Prizefighter, it was recently revealed that former KING cover girl Bria Myles ( plays a live-action role in the Xbox 360 game. "I'm a good temptation," Bria told, "if you get with me [in the game] you get bigger fights in bigger arenas.” Her character might crush on knuckledraggers, but don't expect to see the Cali beauty on the arm of a dude like Shannon Briggs anytime soon. "I wouldn't say I'd never date a boxer, because I don't like to use the word never, but I usually go for skinny guys.” But before you turn anorexic to get a date with Ms. Myles, realize she's not talking Snoop-skinny. "No, not like Snoop! More like Pharrell.” Guess we better lay off the Krispy Kreme.

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